GALLERY: National Thank a Mail Carrier Day was Monday

Ron Henry, 51, has been a mailman since 1992 when he started in Cincinnati then moved to Bowling Green to continue his career in 1994. “I’m on the best route in Bowling Green, the Briarwood neighborhood,” says Henry. “A lot of people on this route get a lot of post but are older people who can’t really get out so they’re dependent on us to get them their paper and everyday things.” Henry said there are a lot of good people on this route and it makes him feel good that people can depend on him.

National “Thank A Mail Carrier Day” was on Monday. This day comes as a response to the many men and women who work all around the country, six days a week.

Historically, this job has been a vital service to the country and mail carriers take great pride in what they do. Mail carriers often work 12-hour days to serve the people in their community. So take a moment and thank your mail carrier today.