Driving into your future

Jim Johnson Nissan offers a special finance option for soon-to-be or recent college graduates. As an alumnus himself, Johnson strives to provide a top-notch experience for all of those who come to his dealerships. (Photos by Lauren Pestoff)

Sam Chumbley

Picture this: You’re driving your beautiful brown ‘98 Dodge Avenger, the one with the broken driver side handle and blown out front speakers. It’s the treasured car you’ve been rolling in since high school. One day it doesn’t start, so you fix the problem: the battery. But then the oil light won’t go off. The check engine light follows suit, and then you recline in the seat, and it doesn’t come back up. It’s time to get a new car, but who would you trust to make sure you leave with an affordable, reliable car?

Jim Johnson Nissan Hyundai dealerships have been a part of the South Central Kentucky community since 1972. Johnson is former WKU Board of Regents member and has two daughters who have graduated from WKU. Jim Johnson Nissan Hyundai dealerships are dedicated to their customers and the people of Bowling Green. Their motto — “Whatever it takes” — refers to their customer’s experience, peace of mind and family.

If you’re near graduation and looking to buy your first car or replace your old ride, Jim Johnson Nissan can offer special financing. When you are six months from graduation, or if you have graduated within the past two years, you qualify for the Nissan College Graduate Program. If you have graduated within the past two years, you just need to provide your diploma as proof. As long as you don’t have negative credit history — and even if you have no credit history at all — you qualify for their special fi nance rates. The college grad program can be used to purchase or lease a new or certified pre-owned Nissan. For future vehicle purchases in the Nissan program, you automatically qualify for new loans as long as your previous payments are made without any problems. Jim Johnson’s sales team understands that buying a car can be stressful said Amy Schneider, the director of human resources and marketing.

“We try to make the purchase as easy as possible,” she said.

There are multiple ways to shop so that customers can negotiate in whichever format they feel most comfortable. Customers can email the sales team, meet in person or use the web chat on the Jim Johnson Nissan website. Nissan sales manager Jay Fritz said the goal is to allow customers to negotiate prices in a setting where they won’t feel pressured. Fritz is committed to a family atmosphere and not making any high-pressure sales.

“The sales team is as transparent as we can be,” Fritz said.

Being in college brings a lot of challenges and big purchases. The last thing you need is someone pressuring you into buying something you don’t need or passing off a deal that is riddled with fine print. Schneider and Fritz both stressed that at Jim Johnson Nissan Hyundai, you can rest assured that they have your best interest and the best interest of your family in mind.