SGA postpones bill preventing allocation of funds to greek organizations

Jack Dobbs

The Student Government Association voted Tuesday to postpone the first reading, discussion and vote on a bill to prevent SGA from funding greek organizations due to concerns over the bill’s controversial content.

The bill prevents SGA funding to “organizations of the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and their respective chapters,” according to the SGA agenda. The bill was authored by Senator at Large Amy Wyer and Committee for Diversity and Inclusion Chair Mark Clark.

Bill 10-18-F was originally included in a motion to move all unfinished business up to present discussion since SGA will not be meeting next week, but was taken out due to concerns over the bill’s sensitive content.


The senate voted 17-15 in favor of postponing discussion of Bill 10-18-F until the next SGA meeting on Oct. 16.

SGA did, however, pass two other pending pieces of legislation, Bills 8-18-F and 9-18-F.

Bill 10-18-F was scheduled to be discussed and voted on alongside Bills 8-18-F and 9-18-F. Bill 8-18-F calls for the allocation of $150 towards SGA’s student ID voucher program, which provides a discount off of the cost for replacement student ID cards, according to the bill’s description. This bill was authored by SAVES Chair Cassidy Townsend, according to the meeting agenda.

Bill 9-18-F also relates to funding issues, but on a broader scale. The bill provides $1,500 of funding to the Office of Study Away, for student study abroad and study away scholarships. This bill was authored by Administrative Vice President Harper Anderson and Director for Academic and Student Affairs Aubrey Kelly, according to the bill’s description.

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