Voter Guide: Rick Williams

Photo submitted by Rick Williams

Rick Williams

Running for City Commissioners City of Bowling Green

Age: 64

Occupation: General Manager, Forever Communications, Inc. (radio stations WUHU, WBVR, WLYE & WBGN)

Relevant experience: I’ve served on the Bowling Green City Commission for three terms and currently seeking re-election for a fourth term. I have a business management and marketing background that I try to use the experience from when making important decisions related to the business of our community.

What is your platform? I consider myself more of a “public servant” than a politician. Those two words are synonymous with my approach toward holding public office. I’m honored that the citizens of this community have put their faith in me to represent them and do whatever I can to make everything as good as possible for them. If I see something that I think needs doing, I try to tackle it rather than saying “that’s not my job” – if it’s not, then find out whose it is and get it handled. Never ignore a problem and hope it goes away; address it and get it done! I’m a staunch supporter of government that operates with fiscal responsibility and using good common sense approaches toward meeting and solving the needs of our citizens. I have no particular axe to grind and no pet projects or specific agendas to try to force upon my fellow community members. My goal is and has always been to leave things in better shape than when I first encountered them. I’ve enjoyed working hard to serve the citizens of this community and look forward to the opportunity to continue doing so.

If elected, what would be your top priorities?

Continued focus on sustained economic and job growth for our community; maintaining a low tax rate; continued improvement of city parks and recreational facilities.