Mass Media and Technology Hall renamed after state representative

Monica Kast

Mass Media and Technology Hall has been officially renamed Jody Richards Hall, in honor of former WKU faculty member and state representative.

Walter A. “Jody” Richards served as a member of the journalism faculty for seven years. Additionally, he was the faculty adviser for the College Heights Herald and Talisman and helped create the Alumni Magazine.

Richards has served as a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives since 1975.

President Gary Ransdell spoke at the renaming ceremony on Thursday, and said Richards always asked, “What can I do to help?”

“He was always our champion,” Ransdell said of Richards.

Ransdell also said Richards was instrumental in helping secure funding for higher education and helped secure funding for several WKU buildings, including Gary Ransdell Hall, Ogden College Hall and Mass Media and Technology Hall.

“He liked to compete, and he competed for us,” Ransdell said.

Ransdell pointed out Richard’s involvement with various aspects of journalism at WKU, and said there were “so many reasons why this is fitting and appropriate.”

Jody Richards also spoke at the ceremony, thanking many administrators and community members.

“My official comment is, ‘wow,’” Richards said. “Thank you so much.”

Richards also said Mass Media and Technology Hall would have been his first choice of building on campus to be named after, if it had been up to him.

Ransdell said the name Mass Media and Technology Hall on the sides of the building would soon be replaced to say Jody Richards Hall. Currently, Jody Richards Hall is displayed on one side, near the entrance to the building.

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