OPINION: Tweets I desperately wish to see from Matt Bevin

Andrew Henderson

If this political season has come to be defined by anything, it’s social media.

For example, Twitter is the go-to method of communication for Republican nominee Donald Trump. When he’s not busy typing tweets in all caps, calling out the “liberal media” (and then later relying on them for polling data) or straight up lying about something, he uses it to convey campaign messages to his supporters.

Despite every bad thing you could say about him the man knows how to use Twitter. If not efficiently at times, at least to get his point across.

Twitter makes it easy for politicians to get their message out there without having to worry about the wonky algorithms of Facebook, which could cause their message to go unseen altogether.

Here in Kentucky, I can only think of one person in the political sphere who is well on their way to mastering Twitter, and that’s Governor Matt Bevin. Not to be confused with Matt Bevin, his other, possibly personal, Twitter account. Both of the bios on those accounts are “Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” so it can be hard to tell the difference.

I follow both of Bevin’s accounts in order to keep up with what’s going on in the state, and most importantly to see his bright shining face, but at times I feel like his Twitter game is lacking.

So here are eight tweets I hope to see from the governor at some point during his tenure, either on his professional or personal accounts. Bonus points if you can tell what would come from which account.

1. More memes. Bevin recently tried his hand at sharing a meme calling out Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, for not standing during the national anthem. This is a good start, but we need to move upward from here.

2. A selfie with every single person in the state of Kentucky. Bevin is off to a good start, but until he breaks the threshold I’m not impressed.

3. Creating a Twitter poll of what state legislator he should threaten via voicemail next.

4. Proclaiming his undying love for Attorney General Andy Beshear. We understand it’s a little tense between them and likely will be over the next few years, but we still feel the love.

5. A cooking video starring him and Guy Fieri. I’m cringing at the thought of this, but I’m all for it.

6. Live tweeting a meeting between him and all the university presidents in the state. I’m sure no one’s still bitter about the budget cuts.

7. A timelapse of Bevin re-growing his beard. Bevin had a nice beard going for him over the summer and it’s a shame that he got rid of it. It really suited him.

8. Live footage of Bevin riding a toy horse into next year’s Kentucky Derby. He’s already got the basics down.

As Bevin wraps up his first year of the governor’s office, I hope his tweet-game continues to grow stronger.