Digs on the River, Traveling Rack ushers in spring

Kara Williamsglenn 27, shows her husband Kenn Glenn 30, a possible purchase at the Traveling Rack’s event on Saturday, March 19. Mhari Shaw/HERALD

Ambriehl Crutchfield

The smell of a candle named “Vintage Football,” and sounds of a gentle voice accompanied with boxed wine and cheese filled Digs on the River on Saturday as the store held a collaborative event with the Traveling Rack, a pop-up style vintage shop.

The event kicked off at 10 a.m. on Saturday with light refreshments and vintage clothing dispersed throughout the store. At 2 p.m., local musicians began to perform into the evening. The store was full of clothing from a pop-up shop, live music and poetry.

Digs on the River is a store that sells vintage houseware and handmade items that are found locally, as well as repurposed items that have ties to southern roots.

“The goal for Digs and Traveling Racks’ spring fling was to create a fun day of vintage shopping in an atmosphere of creativity,” Joy Beth, one of the owners of Digs on the River, said.

Traveling Rack is a pop-up style vintage store with a retro flare that appears at different stores in Kentucky and the Nashville area. The pop up store was originally an idea by three friends that became official in September of 2015.

Jordan Reynolds, one of the owners of Traveling Rack, said one of the main purposes of the Traveling Rack is to bring the vintage wear they collect to the Bowling Green community. Reynolds said the goal of the Traveling Rack is a way to showcase creativity and eventually expanding the brand.

“Bowling Green has Goodwill but none that are vintage focused,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is also a member of local bands Buffalo Rodeo and Rose Hotel. When she is on tour she typically takes clothing pieces with her. She said she’s been buying second-hand since she was  14 or 15. She said this was mostly because of being low on money, but also because she sees it as a treasure hunt to find something special.

“Buying vintage is good because it is better for the environment to buy second-hand or already pre-used,” Reynolds said.

Laura Beth, an alumnae of WKU and a Bowling Green resident, said the event was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon and was open and fun. Beth described the fashion and music collaboration as an artistic movement.

Beth said the event had a relaxing vibe and was pleasing to the eye as there were many beautiful pieces of clothing and other items to look at. She said this was her first time at Digs on the River and found the venue to be rustic and colorful.

Beth said the event highlighted one of the aspects she really likes about the Bowling Green community.

“What I really like about the Bowling Green community is all of the variety of music we have available and easily accessible for everyone to come participate in. If you want to get involved you could,” Beth said.

Eva Ross, a Taylor Mill native and also WKU alumnae, said the event was intimate and close. She said her favorite part about the event was seeing old Bowling Green friends and people coming together and respecting others art.

“It feels like I’m in Nashville, not in Bowling Green actually,” Ross said of the venue. Ross is also a singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville.

Ross began her interest in the arts at the age of two by dancing, but says music is what inspired her more. Since then she has worked with Matt Schultz a singer in Cage the Elephant, performed at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and has moved to Nashville to further her music career.

“Art as a whole is essential to life. I’m trying to give as I can to that area because I feel like it’s needed as an expression of all the daily stresses,” Ross said.

The Traveling Rack will be hosting a pop-up shop event on Apr. 29 with local artists displaying their art and vintage clothes.