Winter storm delays students’ return to the Hill

Ben Powell stands in the snow after a failed attempt to helps move a car that was stuck on the road on Scottsville Rd. Powell has been going out with his coworkers for the past two years to help people stuck own dangerous conditions. Shaban Athuman/HERALD

Monica Kast

Snow and ice brought changes and delays to WKU’s spring schedule as campus was closed on the first day of class on Monday.

Students making their way back to Bowling Green were welcomed by the first major snow of the year. Saturday night, students, faculty and staff received an email from Bob Skipper, the director of media relations and public affairs, saying that all classes Monday would be canceled.

Melissa Moore of the Warren County Emergency Management Office said Warren County began preparing for the winter storm last Wednesday before the storm hit, with two daily conference calls with the National Weather Service. Moore said they also contacted places in Warren County and Bowling Green such as schools and fire departments.

“Our main concern was people staying safe during the actual storm,” Moore said. “We were worried about power outages and opening shelters, but thankfully we didn’t have too much of that.”

Moore said the most important thing for traveling in these conditions is to be aware.

“Take your time,” Moore said. “Don’t speed, and try to look at road conditions before you leave your home. The Department of Transportation will let you know what roads are clear.”

On campus, students and staff faced layers of ice and snow. Many students, like sophomore Rachel McClain, parked their cars on or around campus before the storm hit. By the weekend, they were forced to dig their cars out of ice and snow.

“I parked my car on Thursday before the snow hit,” McClain said. “My car was covered in snow and ice, and there was a ton of snow pushed up behind it from the plows, behind the wheels.”

McClain said that she had four-wheel drive, and wasn’t worried about her car being stuck in the snow.

“The real problem was getting the snow off of my car and waiting for the ice to melt,” McClain said.

Parking and Transportation Services worked to clear roads and parking lots on campus before the start of classes. In an email sent to students, faculty and staff on Sunday night, Parking and Transportation released a list of changes, including lots that would be closed or changed to a different permit zone because of the weather conditions.

“If you can’t travel,” Moore said, “know that your life is more important than making it to class.”