‘Dub the Pub’ competition comes to an end

Marcel Mayo

The Student Government Association’s “Dub the Pub” competition officially ended Tuesday.    

SGA President Jay Todd Richey said “Topper Tavern and Grill” will be the official name of the pub. President Gary Ransdell added “and Grill” to the original name “Topper Tavern,” Richey said.

“He [Ransdell] wanted to make sure that it is not over in your face alcohol related,” Richey said.

“Topper Tavern” received 480 votes out of 2,132 votes submitted.

SGA passed two bills during Tuesday’s meeting.

Bill 8-15-F, Bill to Assist the Physics Department, and Bill 9-15-F, Bill to Assist the Art Department, were both passed unanimously.

Bill 8-15-F allocated $1,500 to the Physics Department to fund the purchase of optic crystals and necessary items involved. Bill 9-15-F allocated up to $759 to the Department of Art to fund a 3-D scanner and accessories.

The Herald will have more about SGA’s meeting and the “Dub the Pub'” competition in the Thursday edition.