Interfaith Campus Coalition to share socks with homeless

Carly Mathews

The WKU Interfaith Campus Coalition is kickstarting a donation challenge to collect socks for the homeless population. 

The “SocksInTheCity” donation challenge is the coalition’s fall project. The donation challenge was organized by the Interfaith Campus Coalition in partnership with HOTEL INC to help supply the homeless population of Bowling Green with clean socks. 

The challenge is sponsored by the department of philosophy and religion. The donation challenge will last through Thanksgiving. 

Emily Potter, the president of the Interfaith Campus Coalition, said the need for socks is often forgotten.

“Socks aren’t really a glamorous item,” Potter said. “They’re an item that most people forget about, though they are one of the most needed items for people living on the streets once winter comes.” 

On a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people experienced homelessness, according to the 2015 “The State of Homelessness in America” report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness. 

The report’s definition of homelessness means the individuals were “sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or traditional housing program.” 

In 2014 on a given night, the total homeless population in Kentucky was reported at 5,089, according to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. 

The fundraiser was inspired and adapted from Socktober, a drive hosted by Robbie Novak, famous for his “Kid President” video. 

HOTEL INC is also one of the only organizations that offers housing to homeless people in the winter months, which was one of the reasons they were chosen as the partner for this event. 

“The issue of housing is something that was on all of our minds when developing this idea,” Potter said. 

In addition to the donation drive, the Interfaith Campus Coalition is planning a special event called the “Rock Em, Sock Em Sock Fight” which will take place in the Preston Center on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

The sock fight is akin to a dodgeball tournament, but socks will be used instead of balls, Potter said. At the end of the tournament, the winning team will receive a prize, and the socks used in the fight will be collected for donations. 

In addition to the socks brought to the event, there are donation bins set up in Cherry Hall and Mass Media for people to donate socks. 

The “SocksInTheCity” donation challenge will end once students leave for Thanksgiving break, and an overall winner will be announced once the socks are tallied.  

After the donation challenge is over, the socks will be delivered to HOTEL INC for distribution.