BG Eats: Cocomo Confections delivers with atmosphere

John Greer


Cocomo Confections was conceived out of an amateur chocolatier’s desire to turn her hobby into a profession. The quality of the chocolate here bodes well for that decision. 

As for the interior, the old-timey ambiance invokes the image of drugstores or ice cream shops of the early 20th century. The doors are bordered by bins of candy and soft, vintage music emanates from the speakers.  

The clear star here is the counter, which is laden with a colorful and sophisticated palate of chocolate desserts. There are a lot of familiar crowd-pleasing items, ranging from bourbon balls to chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Cocomo also offers an array of traditional deli-sandwiches. Though, there is little to set it apart from what you could find at any other sandwich shop.

Of course, sandwiches aren’t the reason why people come here. It is what sits at the counter: the chocolate.  In this respect, Cocomo does set itself apart. Where many chocolatiers choose a machine-dipping process, Cocomo opts for the more traditional hand dipping method. This might take longer, but it results in richer chocolate shells and makes each candy unique. 

The chocolate mousse was one of the highlights, which came fluffed atop a thick, edible chocolate cup. It made for a distinct textural contrast and was the ideal vehicle for an intense dose of chocolate flavor. It was rich. 

The dark chocolate shell in Cocomo’s large honeycombs provided a coat of familiarity that hid a surprising textural experience within. The golden sponge-like interior belied the sharp crack of each bite. Think something like a crunchy, caramelized toffee. As it sat in the mouth it dissolved into something chewier. The contrast made for a particularly amusing and unique dessert.

Cocomo Confections produces delicious treats with a clear artistic vision. You may want to skip the entrée. Come for the chocolates.