Student Government Association reconvenes after Election Day

Lashana Harney

The Student Government Association reconvened Tuesday to discuss various issues on campus after not meeting last week due to Election Day.

Resolution 8-14-F, Resolution to Support the Consultation of the Student Body by the Administration of Western Kentucky University, was postponed to next Tuesday’s meeting. 

Next year, the Gatton Academy building will undergo a renovation which will move Gatton students into Bates-Runner, which will push Bates residents into Gilbert Hall.

Resolution author Cole McDowell, an SGA senator, said the resolution was a response to SGA not being consulted prior to the decision being made.  

“It is not a judgment on that decision, but it is saying that, ‘Hey, we didn’t appreciate being overlooked when you all made this decision…’ That’s our role as senators, to represent the voice of the student body, but we can’t exercise that well if we’re not open to opportunities where we need to,” he said. 

Campus Improvements Committee Chair Tyler Scaff said the Campus Improvements Committee organized a joint SGA, Gatton and Housing and Residence Life meeting this Wednesday to discuss the move. The resolution was postponed to await the outcome of the organized meeting.

“You think something like this would be understood, it’s a pretty big decision that impacts students, so let’s ask the SGA about it, but we weren’t consulted about it. So, it’s not understood,” McDowell said.

Scaff said the committee is also redoubling their efforts on accessibility on campus, such as assisting with physical handicaps.

Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee Chair Seth Church said the committee will have to permanently report to the Campus Diversity Enhancement Committee starting Friday.

Church said the Campus Pride Index committee plans to work with HRL to provide gender-neutral housing options. Church said a goal of the committee is to include the option to identify as transgender when applying for housing.

SGA President Nicki Taylor said the position for Director of Academic and Student Affairs application is due Nov. 17. 

Taylor said the current DASA, Barrett Greenwell, will study abroad in Turkey next semester, thus leaving the position vacant.

Administrative Vice President Liz Koehler said SGA spent $2,838.94 from the Legislative Discretionary budget. 

Resolution 6-14-F, Resolution to Adopt Amendments to the Constitution of the Glasgow Student Body Association, passed with no debate. The resolution adopted amendments to restructure of the Glasgow Student Body Association Constitution. 

“The main reason for this is because Glasgow is a regional campus and they struggle getting a full senate because they are a very large non-trad population and commuters who don’t actually live on campus, so we came up with this to kind of remedy that,” Church said.

Resolution 7-14-F, Resolution to Support a Student Fee to fund Western Kentucky University Student Legal Services, passed with no debate. The resolution supported the implementation of a $4 a year student fee to financially support the Student Legal Services Clinic. The $4 would cover the costs of hiring an in-house attorney.

Bill 12-14-F, Scholar Development Grant Award Allocations, passed with no debate. The bill allocated $3,250 from the Academic Affairs budget to award 13 students with Scholar Development Grant money.

Bill 13-14-F, Study Abroad Scholarship Award Allocations, passed with no debate. The bill allocated $6,325 from the Academic Affairs budget to award 23 students with Study Abroad Scholarship money.

Bill 15-14-F, Winter Term Scholarship Award Allocations, also passed with no debate. The bill allocated $12,473 from the Student Affairs budget to award 33 students with winter term scholarships.