Fresh Food Company offers new options

Rachel Phelps

The Fresh Food Company recently began offering new options for students, as a result of feedback from a dining survey.

The dining location has added vegan options such as lentil stew, a create-your-own sandwich and pasta station, and extended the hours of the waffle station.

 These new options are the result of a dining survey sent out to students mid-October, which was used to gather information on the kind of food students enjoyed.

Steve Hoyng, resident district manager for the WKU Restaurant Group, said student feedback is crucial.

“Sometimes students wonder, but we do rely on their feedback,” Hoyng said.

 Robert Huffman, director of operations for the WKU Restaurant Group, said they try to continually evolve the menu of Fresh Food. 

“Even though we try to plan out a cycle of menus… as we get feedback from our students, we make changes,” Huffman said.

Huffman said the feedback, after the implementation of the new options, has been very positive.

“We touch tables and ask for feedback from students and faculty,” he said.

Nashville freshman Rebecca Zimberg, as a vegetarian, is happy with many of the new options.

“I love the vegetarian and vegan options,” she said. “I also love the soups because they’re like the only healthy thing on campus.”

Louisville sophomore Aubrey Bourgeois, on the other hand, feels like the new options are lacking.

“I feel like it’s still limited on what you can and cannot get,” she said.

Hoyng said they are still looking to provide more food options not just at Fresh Food, but on campus in general. For example, there is going to be a café in the new Honors College and International Center building.

   “The menu is still in development, but we’re very open to suggestions from the students on what they would like to see there,” he said.

Hoyng said, ultimately, both good and bad feedback is appreciated.

“We’re here to make the program great,” he said.