What Not to Wear: Halloween Edition

Kae Holloway

It’s the eve of Halloween once again. Everyone will showcase the costumes they spent weeks on Pinterest finding and creating. Some will be clever and some will be cliche, but none should be offensive. To save you from having a costume featured on a “Worst Costumes EVER” BuzzFeed list, here’s a handy list of costumes to avoid. 


A sexy version of any of your favorite childhood cartoons

It may seem clever. It may seem funny. But Pooh Bear never really needs to be seen anywhere other than the Hundred Acre Wood and never needs to wear a thong.

A deceased celebrity

This year, the world lost some powerful celebrity figures. The comedy world was rocked with the loss of comedic legends Joan Rivers and Robin Williams.

It would be perfectly acceptable to don a costume honoring one of their famous characters. One that depicts their likeness and manner of death, however, is not okay. 

Celebrities known for abusing their significant other

Abuse is never funny. Portraying an abuser in a costume is offensive and tasteless. People have already had costumes go viral for portraying Ray Rice, the former Ravens running back who was recently put under fire for a video released of him knocking out his wife in an elevator. Don’t go as Ray Rice, and don’t go as his wife.

Costumes that poke fun at serious social issues

If it’s a national tragedy, a disease scare, a mental or physical disorder or a terrorist organization, it’s safe to say it should not be turned into a Halloween costume that you’ll wear bar hopping on Friday.

Dressing as a sexy Ebola nurse, a victim of a plane crash or a member of ISIS all fall under this category. Believe it or not, these costumes are for sale and some people have actually bought them and worn them. If that’s not bad enough, there’s also a costume for Anna Rexia featuring a form-fitting skeleton costume complete with a tape measure belt. 

Anything that involves black face

No matter who you are or who you are going as, if you’re painting your face heavily to depict another race, it will be offensive. 

The only time it may be okay to paint your face and body is if you’re going as Peter Pan’s shadow for a couples costume, but do reconsider.