Dry Clean Only: WKUPD debuts slick new wardrobe

Photo Courtesy of the WKU Police Department

Kae Holloway

Over fall break, the campus boys and girls in blue showed that blue is not the only color the WKU Police Department can rock.

After 40 years of rocking their signature shade, they’ve opted for a fresh, new gray uniform.

This new color gives the uniforms a more sleek look, and the design of the shirts alone look much more crisp than the standard blue button up. It moves away from the cliche colors associated with cops on every other campus in the country. 

However, the color change does pose a question of how they’ll stand out amidst the growing hues of gray and black worn by students mourning their failing grades. 

The uniforms as a whole have been given the WKU facelift. In keeping with the motto, “the spirit makes the master,” WKUPD is stating that the spirit is alive and enforcing the law through WKU-inspired uniform accessories.

New badges, patches and emblems have been affixed across the new uniforms. Each bears a different symbol or building associated with WKU.

Spirit wise, these new uniforms are awarded four Gary Ransdell nods of approval. 

Officers are also learning to rock a new hat. Though sticking with the same, stiff brimmed campaign hat, these new caps are made of felt. 

Expect to see many officers sweating mercilessly as they fall victim to the heat brought on by black felt. Though the felt hats look more professional, felt in heat is a combination only found in the fashion pits of hell.

Overall, these officers will keep the peace, keep people from going more than 15 mph on Normal and look fashionable while doing so.