Letter to the editor: HB222 immoral

Vicki Sharer

By: Vicki Sharer

Dear Editor,


I was very frustrated to read about the ag-gag part of HB222, which would penalize whistleblowers who uncover food safety violations and animal cruelty on industrial farms [“Kentucky bill would prohibit filming of farm operations without owner’s consent,” March 25]. 

This dangerous bill is being pushed by Kentucky’s meat industry just weeks after undercover investigation found pretty shocking food safety issues, namely workers grinding up sick piglets and feeding them back to their mothers, which is illegal in Kentucky. 

Even worse, the investigator found pigs stuck in crates so small they couldn’t even turn around in a circle for months on end. While the meat industry is powerful, I hope our legislature will stand up to it and reject this bill for what it is — a thinly veiled attempt to hide animal abuse. 

Thank you.


Vicki Sharer, office associate, Department of Arts