EDITORIAL: WKU dining options leave room for improvement


By: Editorial Staff

THE ISSUE: WKU has many dining options on campus, and as Downing Student Union’s renovations begin to wind down, other meal options are coming to the university.  However, these new restaurants offer few new food options and limited healthy meals.

OUR STANCE: When we first heard that Steak ‘n Shake was coming to campus, we couldn’t have been more excited.

And we knew the rest of you were too, because it’s one of the most-viewed stories on our website. 

The idea of such a beloved franchise making its way even closer to campus was a thrill, even if it won’t feature the full menu.

But as we continued to consider its arrival and the other restaurants WKU has brought to campus, we found three issues: healthy options on campus are limited, much of what is being brought in is simply a re-hash of what we already have and the layout of our restaurants needs some reconsideration.

Let’s start with the lack of healthy options. 

A few years ago, WKU brought a salad bar, Greens To Go, to the old DUC food court, and it was surprisingly well received. It may not have received the traffic of Chick-fil-A or Izzi’s, but it was nice for students to know they had a healthier option waiting for them after a grueling workout or in case they simply wanted a lighter meal.

Now that Greens To Go is gone, healthy options are basically limited to the salad bar in Fresh Foods and the pre-packaged apples and salads found at various WKU locations. 

Nothing says healthy like yellowing lettuce out of a plastic carton. 

We aren’t saying that options don’t exist, but perhaps alongside a Steak ‘n Shake (which doesn’t exactly scream healthy) WKU might consider bringing in a more health-conscious option.

It’s already difficult enough to eat healthy on campus without worrying about yet another unhealthy option joining the bunch, which brings us to our second point: repetitive menu options. 

A prime example of this is the burger joints on campus. 

Not only do we have Grille Works at the top of the Hill, Burger Studio next to Pearce-Ford Tower and Topper Grill in Topper Cafe, but Steak ‘n Shake will provide yet another burger option on campus. We understand that location is everything and that some people don’t want to walk all the way to PFT to grab a burger, but this is a perfect opportunity for WKU to cut one burger restaurant and bring in a healthier option.

After all, three burger joints is enough. 

Lastly, the location of food options on campus has proven to be a problem for some. For example, take Yoblendz.

When we first heard that a yogurt joint was coming to campus, we were sure that it was going to thrive. And it might’ve done so, had it been in a better location. 

Think about it: Who’s going to purchase frozen yogurt at a place that doesn’t take meal plans when Fresh, which is right next door, does, AND ice cream is included? Ice cream purchases can also be made at Starbucks, located across from Yoblendz, where the frozen drinks come equipped with caffeine.

As a result of putting these three locations so close to each other, one of them is bound to fail thanks to the lack of planning ahead when it came to the DSU layout. 

It’s definitely more important to cater to a student’s needs than their wants when it comes to food options.

This editorial represents the majority of the Herald’s 9-member editorial board.