Study abroad fair feeds WKU’s wanderlust

Aaron Mudd

Students gathered in the Mass Media and Technology Hall lobby for the biannual Study Abroad Fair on Wednesday. The event is held in the spring and fall semesters each year.

Abby Crowe, a Nashville freshman, said she came for the scholarships and to see all the different options.

“I really want to see Ireland,” Crowe said. “It’s like my dream country.”

Crowe plans to study abroad her sophomore year or junior year, she said.

The fair holds a drawing for study abroad scholarships.

“We’ll probably select the names tomorrow and we’ll be announcing that soon,” Katherine Hale said.

Hale is a study abroad advisor in Study Abroad and Global Learning.

Judy Scott works as an academic advisor with the Gordon Ford College of Business. Scott took a leadership course in Germany while completing her master’s degree.

“It changes your perspective on everything,” Scott said. “It opens many more doors that you wouldn’t be able to access as a tourist.”

Her most memorable experiences were staying with a host family for 12 days, which she said was the best part of her trip.

Scott also got the chance to meet a cultural historian and visit a military center that trains high ranking military personnel, she said.

“It opens many more doors that you wouldn’t be able to access as a tourist,” she said.

Ann Hubbard, of the American Institute for Foreign Study, said that WKU offers tremendous support for people studying abroad.

“A lot of institutions talk about how they’re gonna internationalize,” Hubbard said. “It takes a campus to run a study abroad program.”