5 things to read this morning

Herald staff

1. Sinkhole swallows eight Corvettes in Skydome

At 5:44 a.m. on Wednesday morning, officials from the National Corvette Museum received calls that a natural disaster had struck.

A sinkhole that measured 40 feet wide and 25-30 feet deep tore through the Skydome, swallowing eight of the museum’s prized automobiles. No one was injured during the collapse.

“I was just in there taking pictures yesterday,” Bob Bubnis, communications coordinator for the museum, said.  

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2. In my skin: Student balances classwork, motherhood

Three hours before her last final, Kelsey Luttrell went into labor at 33 weeks — and seven weeks early — on May 7, 2013. Missing the final would result in an incomplete, dropping her from full-time student status and barring her from her scholarships.

Labor and Delivery personnel had advised her to get to the hospital immediately. Committed to her schooling, however, Luttrell began her final early. 

“My professor had told us what was going to be on the exam,” the Madisonville senior said. “It was an essay exam, so I knew what the essay was. I had a bluebook so I was like ‘I’m just going to start writing.’”

By 5 p.m., she had been in labor for 3 hours and contractions were about five minutes apart. Nearing tears and already executing her breathing exercises, Luttrell was finally allowed to leave the class.

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3. WKU alumni find success in Yellowberri company

The Great Recession that began in 2007 heralded the end for many small businesses. While some investors held tight to their wallets, one group of WKU alumni saw an opportunity to start fresh and do things their own way.

David Downing teamed up with a Derrick Hunt, Josh Hampton and Andrew Sturgill to form a “different” kind of marketing agency.

After throwing around ideas that combined their appreciation for art and nature, the name Yellowberri was born.

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4. The Reel reviews “The Monuments Men”

Read the Herald’s Ben Conniff review “The Monuments Men,” George Clooney’s latest film.

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5. Lady Toppers defeat Troy 93-66 in Diddle Arena

The Lady Toppers snapped a losing streak at home last night, defeating the Troy Trojans.  

“I’m just proud of the first five that stepped on the floor because I talked to them about setting the tone and I think that’s what happened,” coach Michelle Clark-Heard said.

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