Hip Hop hoax: Class takes to Twitter to fool campus

Michael McKay

The #WKU hashtag has dealt with more than just Sun Belt woes today.

Students in the “Hip Hop and Democracy” class in the African American Studies department took to the social media website to announce that WKU was banning Hip Hop music at all events on campus. This was not true.

Assistant Professor Lloren Foster, who teaches the class, sent an email to WKU administration earlier today to warn of calls from angry students or alums.

It has nothing to do with WKU implementing a policy, Foster said, but “everything to do with the AFAM 490 student population creating the illusion for the final project.”

Foster also said in the email that he hoped the hoax would garner student participation in addessing “Hip Hop as a shaper of our society.”

Bob Skipper, director of Media Relations, said his department was caught off-guard by the prevalency of tweets related to the hoax.

Foster’s email said the hoax would occur next Tuesday, but Skipper said the university’s Twitter account and other social media tools were already being used to explain the hoax.