LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Last weekend’s game not pleasant for all Topper fans

Thomas Burden

My first home football game in four years at WKU was something that I was truly looking forward to. Our Toppers had just come off of a truly awesome victory over the University of Kentucky and I, like so many other fans, was very excited to see our team play Southern Mississippi this past Saturday. Instead I got to sit there and see nothing.

Instead of having the chance to cheer on the team of my home away from home, I had the wonderful opportunity to either stand in someone’s way or sit down and have the viewing screen blocked by someone else standing up in front of me. 

The entire section of fans in the rows in front of me were standing up for the entire 1st and 2nd quarters, that I know of (I left in irritation). The result was that no one behind them, including young fans that were sitting behind me, could see anything that was going on. If I stood up the people behind me could not, which is disrespectful.

I am all for school spirit and cheering on our great team as they continue to outshine their performance from the previous years, but it would be nice if more people would be considerate enough to realize that other fans would also like the same opportunity.

In short, let’s continue to cheer on our team and to root for dear old Western, but let’s do so with consideration for our fellow fans who want the same opportunity.

Thomas Burden,