New policy would allow students, faculty to keep guns in cars if approved

New policy would allow students, faculty to keep guns in cars if approved

Just three months after the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that public universities couldn’t ban guns from cars on campus, WKU may have to change its policy on guns.

The original suit involved a graduate student and student worker at the University of Kentucky who was fired for possessing a firearm in his car on campus. 

The Court ruled that universities could ban the possession of guns on all other parts of a campus, but that excluded parking lots. 

WKU’s revised policy on guns will now go before the Board of Regents tomorrow. It would allow students, faculty and staff to store a weapon in their car without being penalized — even if they don’t have a concealed carry permit.

In May, Deborah Wilkins, chief of staff and general counsel, told the Herald that the then current policy was that firearms are in no way allowed on campus property, unless for special police purposes.

Wilkins said the only way the policy will change is if the legislature amends the law to exclude weapons in parking lots, but that can’t happen until the general assembly next year.

“That’s a year away — the legislature’s not going to entertain any new laws until next January, so we’re going to have to deal with it at least to that point,” Wilkins said.

But, according to information provided in the Board of Regents agenda, due to UK Supreme Court ruling “the policy must be revised.”

President Gary Ransdell told the Herald in May that he would respect the courts decision, even if he didn’t agree with it.

“We’re very proactive and very visible in alerting everybody in our midst when anything occurs. It must be a safe place, and my personal opinion — this is my personal opinion — there is no place for anyone on this campus to be carrying a firearm in their car or otherwise.”