LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Muhammad Ali should be placed in state capitol rotunda

Don B. Pratt

As I sat opposing mountaintop removal on Thursday, July 26th (almost weekly for 1 1/2 years and daily on work days during session), Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson acknowledged my request to place Muhammad Ali in the capitol rotunda.             

Kentucky’s most widely known son, Muhammad Ali, “would be opposed by veterans” was the Lt. Governor’s statement to me. For Ali’s opposition to the Vietnam War and his Supreme Court successful appeal for ministerial status, Muhammad Ali would not be welcome in our state capitol, though he is best known man from Kentucky in the world? 
And as I sat watching Friday night’s opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games, Muhammad Ali was again recognized by the world! It is time for our military leaders and veterans to stand up and demand that we in Kentucky recognize Ali as well we should! I hope all readers, including military leaders and veterans, contact executive and legislative officials all across the state. And because I have asked government leaders to add women, Georgia Davis Powers and Madeline McDowell Breckinridge should join Ali in the rotunda and Martha Lane Collins next to Happy Chandler on the Governor’s Mansion end of the capitol. But first, while he is able to be here at our state capitol building and we to give him the recognition that we should, Muhammad Ali should be honored immediately!             
Don B. Pratt
Parent of alumna