Sigma Chi’s Fight Night canceled

Michael McKay

The 8th annual Sigma Chi Fight Night has been knocked out.

The event was officially canceled last week due to existing problems, according to the event’s Twitter account.

Max Noonan, Sigma Chi’s Derby Daddy, told the Herald last month that the event was being rescheduled for May 3-4, a little more than 30 days later, to provide enough time to file for a sanction through the state.

The state of Kentucky requires a sanction to be filed before anyone can put on an amateur boxing bout.

Vice President Matt Bell said the organizations that it was working with told Sigma Chi it would be hard to meet that deadline.

“They told us it was a very, very slim chance that we would get that done in 30 days,” Bell said.

Noonan said Sigma Chi stuck to the plans that it has always had for the past Fight Nights but said it plans on getting a sanction.

“This would be an nonissue if we had known about this sooner,” he said.

A group has to go through USA Boxing to become a registered club, have certified coaches and registered athletes before a sanction can be filed.

Bell said it takes roughly five months to prepare the things they were expecting it to do in 30 days.

“If we would’ve been told of this statute earlier — if we had been informed of that in enough amount of time — then we would’ve just revised it, had it done.” he said.

Bell said the group still plans to hold Fight Night next year.

“We’re doing all of those things now for next year,” he said.

Bell said the group would be working with his father, Rep. Johnny Bell, D-District 23, to draft a bill that would make them exempt from a sanction.

“It’s basically attempting to take the jurisdiction away from Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling and take it out of philanthropy and in school events so that they don’t have that jurisdiction,”

Bell said the bill would also have to give groups an ample amount of time to fill all of the requirements.

“So situations like this doesn’t happen again for years to come,” he said. “Not just for us — for all groups who raise money for cancer and in school events like this throughout the state.”

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity said on its Twitter account that the news of Fight Night’s cancellation was “probably the most depressing news of the year.”

Bell said the group is working to make the next Fight Night better than in other years and said the next one may be planned to not coincide with the NCAA tournament.