Fraternity uses corn hole to raise violence awareness

Maciena Justice

“Throwing bags, not punches” was the tagline of a cornhole tournament that FarmHouse sponsored on Saturday.

The fraternity held the event to raise awareness of campus assault after their brother, Dylan Nonweiler, was injured in a fight near campus on Jan. 29.

Nonweiler, a junior from Owensboro, was left unconscious with brain swelling, according to a Bowling Green Police Report.

“We want to bring awareness because lots of things go unanswered,” Sturgis freshman Riley Hall said.

Hall said the fraternity came up with the concept of a cornhole tournament to bring violence awareness to campus.

“Fight against fighting,” Hall said.

According to Hall, the fraternity was hosting the tournament, along with selling T-shirts, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and chips.

There were approximately 20 to 25 teams signed up for the tournament, and the entry fee was $50 per team.

Since Nonweiler’s injuries, he has accumulated many medical bills, so the tournament had a dual purpose of philanthropy.

“All the money is going to Dylan,” Bardstown freshman Patrick Portman said.

The tournament was a philanthropy stepping stone, according to Portman.

“This is a place to start from and build off of,” Portman said.

Sturgis sophomore Chris Hancock said six sororities and three fraternities participated in the tournament.

Hancock also said the tournament had been organized very quickly, and they were happy with the crowd at the time.

“Dylan is doing better but was unable to drive, but he wishes he was here,” Hancock said.

FarmHouse wants to continue their philanthropy in campus violence so that they can continue to raise awareness about injustice.