Garrett charges, then waives drink refill fee

Michael McKay

Bowling Green senior Dillon Alford was eating with two friends in Garrett Conference Center Food Court on Tuesday when the group went to refill their drinks before heading to class. While walking out of the door, they were stopped by an employee.

“We all three have our cups, and a lady waves her hands and she’s like ‘No refills, no refills,’” Alford said.

“She was like, ‘We’ll have to pay for them next time,” Alford said.

He said the Garrett employee told him that she thought the change was because of the new switch to Coca-Cola products.

After the incident, Alford and others went to Twitter and Facebook to complain about a charge for soda refills.

On Wednesday, Tim Colley, resident district manager for WKU Restaurant and Catering Group, said in a phone call that it was the first time he had heard about such a charge.

Colley said the refill policy is as it was — free.

Colley told the Herald he would talk to the Garrett Food Court staff about the change.

In the Downing University Center Food Court, students were always able to get refills on their beverages. On Wednesday, DUC employees said they were unaware that refills were being charged in Garrett.

Alford said he chose to eat in DUC the day after the incident.

“I didn’t even attempt to get a refill because I didn’t know if they would say anything,” he said.

Alford said with the charge gone, he’s more likely to eat in Garrett again.

“I guess I’ll go there,” he said. “I don’t understand why they did that.”