Transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola nears completion

Michael McKay

WKU Vending Services sent an email today stating the transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola is 95 percent completed, with only a couple of buildings remaining.

Marshall Gray, director of Printing, Postal and Vending Services said the original date for 100 percent completion was set for Friday of last week.

Gray said the new goal for 100 percent completion would be in the next couple of days. He said small problems like moving larger machines out of smaller areas has delayed the transition from ending sooner.

Gray also mentioned promotions like “Show me your Coke” that offer incentives like iPads and Kindle Fire tablets to students that post pictures of Coca-Cola products on Facebook and Twitter.

An event will be announced in the next couple of weeks to officially welcome Coca-Cola back to WKU.