LETTER TO THE EDITOR: PETA’s recent attack on circus hypocritica

Aaron Shuford

In the April 1 letter to the editor, Jennifer O’Conner represented People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to condemn the so-called animal abuse by Ringling Bros. Circus. However, what she failed to mention was that PETA itself is just as guilty of such abuses.

According to an open records request, PETA euthanized 79 percent of the pets trusted in their care in 2010. Comparatively, the Norfolk, Va., Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a 74 percent adoption rate. The Associated Press reported in 2005 that two PETA workers were accused of killing 31 cats and dogs and throwing their remains in a trash dumpster. More can be found on petakillsanimals.com.

These animals were given over with the hope of PETA finding a new home for them. While PETA representatives were only found guilty of littering, a spotlight was shown on how the organization operates. The San Francisco Chronicle went further, mentioning a case in 1991, in which rabbits and roosters that were rescued by PETA were put down because they “simply didn’t have the money.”

Somehow, though, PETA is able to hire Hollywood stars like Pamela Anderson to speak and pose in ads on their behalf.

While animal abuse is a major problem, PETA is hypocritical in their aims. Instead of supporting this misinformation campaign, I encourage you to support the local Humane Society or donate to the ASPCA.

Aaron Shuford

Bowling Green senior