LETTER: Be the change you want to see

Marcus Steele

Personal opinion: any perspective portraying the thoughts or voice of an individual. Throughout life, we are taught to have a voice and speak up for what we believe in.

Of course, it all started in elementary school when we were all forced to make friends on the playground. Stating our opinions on what we liked to do helped us become social and make friends with kids who shared the same interests. This small inception of the mind as a kid was carried over to middle school and high school.

Eventually we all carried our own perspectives with us to college, where we learned that speaking out against something you didn’t believe in was the only way to get noticed.

You may be asking, “What’s the reason for this brief lesson on opinion?” Well, honestly it’s not a lesson at all, more of a public service announcement. A reminder to every student on campus that speaking up for something you feel strongly about will not only shape your future, but the future of things around you.

As a graduating senior, I simply want to say always use your voice. Instead of wishing for something to change, be the change you want to see. Four years here goes by faster than you might expect.

So I’m challenging anyone who has time left to make a mark on our beautiful campus and exercise your right to stand by your values. And do so with pride.

Besides, college is just like elementary school, in some ways if you think about it. We offer our personal opinions about things we like in an effort to make friends with others. Right?

Marcus Steele

Bowling Green senior