SGA election results to be released tomorrow at midnight

Mike Stunson

In tonight’s Student Government Association meeting:

-President Colton Jessie said there will be a party tomorrow at midnight in Downing University Center for the election results of the Student Senate.

-Executive Vice President Kendrick Bryan is talking with Gov. Steve Beshear’s office to bring him in to campus and set up a question and answer session for students.

-Director of Information and Technology Cory Dodds said the new SGA website will launch on Oct. 1. He said the new website will be simpler and easier to use.

-Academic Affairs Chair Brandon Logan said his committee is looking into giving remedial scholarships for transfer students who are having to retake classes that did not transfer to WKU.

-Campus Improvements Chair Kaylee Egerer said SGA will be taking part in Campus Cleanup on Oct. 19 as a part of Make a Difference week on campus. She also said she is working on setting up a date for the Campus Safety Walk.

-J.D. Shadburne, was appointed as sergeant at arms.