AGDs sell house to Farmhouse

Shawntaye Hopkins

Farmhouse fraternity will finally get a permanent sign for their house after almost 10 years as a Greek organization.

But first they’ll have to move into their new home.

Farmhouse is preparing to move from East 13th Street to one of the two Alpha Gamma Delta sorority houses on Chestnut Street.

Farmhouse’s current home is old and in need of repair, said chapter president Brian Cecil, an Owensboro junior.

The members hope to be moved by the beginning of next month, he said.

Farmhouse members currently rent their house and wanted something more permanent, Cecil said. The group did not have the money to make needed repairs to the home.

“We’d been looking for a few years and nothing ever came up that was this good of a deal,” Cecil said.

He said the Farmhouse members are thankful for the opportunity to move into the AGD house.

Most of the members want to move from the current home, he said.

“It is a lot nicer house and I think we’ll be able to fit more people in it,” he said.

Opinions at AGD may be slightly different.

Karissa Shelton, president of the Theta Iota House Association, said members were torn about whether or not to sell the house, but they see the positives in the end.

“It’s hard when you give up a piece of history, and of course, change is difficult,” she said.

Members of AGD have lived in the two houses since 1990. The sorority bought one house then got a deal on the other house.

The two houses share a parking lot.

“It’s been a lot of fun having two houses, but it’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep,” she said.

AGD president Misty Hair, a Liberty senior, said the sorority will probably fix the home they’re keeping to make it less formal.

The house being sold was always the informal one, she said.

All of the women will now have to live in one house.

“Honestly, I think it’s brought all of us closer together,” Hair said.

Both groups say they will enjoy living next door to each other.

“I think they will enjoy Farmhouse being next door, because we have a good relationship with them,” Shelton said.

She wouldn’t disclose the price of the house.

The house on East 13th Street that Farmhouse currently uses is owned by Eddie Bucklew of Bowling Green.

It is being sold for $120,000 or leased for $1,800.

“We’ve had several inquiries,” Bucklew said. “They’re kind of on hold until these guys get out.”

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