Student objects to MLK legacy

Zak Cummins

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s name evokes thoughts of heroism, peace, human brotherhood and absolute moral integrity — at least in the carefully tailored image propagated by the media, the Herald being no exception.

The founder of this country, George Washington, does not have a federal holiday in his honor. But MLK, a man that never held public office of any kind, does.

What did King accomplish to merit such an honor? The propaganda surrounding this media and academic darling paints a rosy picture, but the truth about King is anything but.

“Martin Luther” King Jr. never officially held that name. His father was supposedly inspired to name his son Michael after the German Martin Luther, but the name change was never legalized. “Martin Luther King Jr.” should be referred to as Michael King.

King is also known as “Doctor,” but according to the book “Holiday for a Cheater” by Michael Hoffman, King was a notorious plagiarizer, even in his doctoral dissertation.

The editors of “The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr.” state that “the failure of King’s teachers to notice his pattern of textual appropriation is somewhat remarkable.”

Why did King’s professors bestow a Ph.D. despite his blatant cheating, even on his doctoral dissertation? In the interest of truthfulness and accuracy, King should no longer be referred to as “Dr. Martin Luther.”

Though widely touted as “a man of peace,” King’s track record suggests otherwise. Many of King’s associates, such as Bayard Rustin, Stanley Levison and Jack O’Dell, were Communists or Communist sympathizers. According to David Garrow, King’s biographer, “King privately described himself as a Marxist.”

Although King said he advocated “non violence,” violence followed him in the form of black rioting. King himself said, “A riot is the language of the unheard,” thus encouraging the rioting.

A black Communist named Robert Williams wrote a book called “Negroes with Guns.” The “non-violent” “Dr. Martin Luther” King wrote the forward. Non-violent indeed.

Seek your inspiration elsewhere Iraq peace-niks. It seems King should, by rights, be a hero only to leftist Marxist fanatics and black racists.

The FBI conducted extensive surveillance on King because of his Communist associations, becoming acquainted with his private behavior in the process. Assistant FBI director William Sullivan stated that King used Southern Christian Leadership Conference money to fund his penchant for prostitutes. King’s friend Ralph Abernathy alluded to King’s chronic lechery in his book “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.”

Michael King’s FBI surveillance files have been sealed away from public access until 2027. What is in these files that cannot see the light of day?

Does a man such as Michael King, a possible Communist traitor, cheater and degenerate adulterer deserve a holiday in his honor? The answer to that should be by now quite obvious.

I too “have a dream”: that the truth about King will finally become known and that Americans will begin to suspect the media and government have propagated a monstrous lie.

For more extensive information see, my primary source.

Zak Cummins is a junior print journalism major from Fredonia.