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The Lady Toppers (31-12, 16-5), who were picked to finish fifth in a pre-season poll, have finished their regular season as Conference USA regular season champions. The finale of the regular season against Middle Tennessee (22-29, 5-19) ended with WKU clinching the series 2-1. 

Semester after semester, resident assistants plaster tiny cut-outs of cartoon characters on the doors of their residents. RAs, however, do much more than peruse Pinterest and come up with unique events for students. 

Among the smattering of posters that line the walls of WKU’s campus buildings, there are some new advertisements catching eyes. These new prints have headlines in capital letters and large font with slogans like, “Consent is mutual,” and “No excuses.” 

Drag queens are makeup artists, costume designers, choreographers and stage performers all in one. With little or no help at all, these men spend hours transforming themselves into majestic pieces of art, all for the rush of one performance.

As college students, the probability that we will be involved in numerous relationships is extremely high. We are experimenting and trying to find what will work for us in regards to an “ideal” relationship. As exciting as being in a relationship may be, it can be hard to maintain emotional …